Group economics is a long-term process and can be a tricky endeavor if the participants are not financially equipped to go the distance.

    Black Wealth Consortium’s crusade is a grassroot, long-term journey. We want to equip each member family to participate for generations to come.
    It’s a WIN-WIN. Their family is building wealth, while their communities are becoming economically stable.
    The key to wealth building is building positive cash flow to funnel into income generating assets.
    We provide three premium courses with online content and live mentoring to assist our members in expanding their cash flow so they can build sustainable wealth.

The Assetpreneur’s Family Enterprise:

    • This course has two objectives: 1) help our members assess their current financial resources to determine their ability to invest in income generating assets and 2) educate them on the different legal structures to consider for protecting their assets and realizing tax advantages.

Cash Flow Stocks:

        • Most people view stocks as an asset to buy when the price is low and to sell when the price rises significantly. This is known as a “buy and hold” strategy. This course exposes our members to a process that leverages stocks to create a weekly, monthly or quarterly income.

Real Estate Investing with BWC:

          • In this course, we simplify the process of researching, analyzing and investing in real estate properties for pennies on the dollar.