BWC Membership & Benefits

    Black Wealth Consortium’s Goal Is To Mobilize Black Families At A Grassroot Level. For That Reason, We Have A Model That Makes Sense To Any Serious About Building Wealth For Their Family While Participating In Group Economics.
    We Built An Affiliate Membership System That Is Self-Perpetuating.


  • Some of the benefits of the BWC membership are:
  • A community of Black families committed to wealth building and group economics
  • Access to actionable courses on acquiring income generating assets for less than $500, pennies on the dollar by comparison to similar courses
  • Access to consumer programs such as debt reduction, credit restoration, early mortgage payoff, business credit lines, group rate insurance and so much more
  • Access to joint venture real estate deals
  • Monthly referral commissions
  • Charter member status once the venture capital company is launched


    BWC’s Crusade Is A Combination Of A Community Organization Using A Mentoring Process To Connect Black Families To Investment Opportunities In Their Communities. For Black Families That Live In Other Communities, BWC Provides A Process To Connect Them To An Empowering Agenda For Black Families.
    Therefore, The Membership Should Be Viewed As A Lifetime Commitment For Those That Fully Appreciate The Challenge Facing Black America And Want To Be Part Of The Solution.The Membership Requires A One-Time Payment Of $125 And A Monthly Subscription Of $29.
    Two Caveats:
    For Multiple Adults In The Same Household, The Membership Cost Is Discounted. Premium Course Costs Are Waived.
    For Children 18 Years Of Age And Younger Or Attending College; The Membership And Premium Course Costs Are Waived